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The Competition and Antitrust jurisprudence are under development in India, thus is in need of minds and voices that can direct the development of this nascent field of law in the right direction. TCF is the first Indian blog which solely focuses on Competition and Antitrust laws, with an objective to develop the requisite intellect and minds necessary for the development of this realm.

Our Focus?

The blog was founded by the students of the National Law University, Odisha (India) in the year 2019. The focus of the founders is to create a platform that offers quality research and constructive suggestions for improving the existing literature that can cater to the requirements of this dynamic business age.


We are open to any topic which revolves around “Competition/Antitrust Laws”.

Submissions can be in the form of articles, opinions, case comments and short notes on the aforementioned topics.

Word limits are indicative only. Authors are invited to stay within them to enhance the effectiveness of their posts.

General Guidelines For all Contributors:

  • Submissions should be the original work of the contributor and should not have been previously published elsewhere.

  • Relevant sources should be hyperlinked by the author in the main text itself. However, end-notes may be used wherever the utmost necessary. It is mandatory to hyperlink only official sources to all the reports, cases or statutes mentioned in the article.

  • Authors are advised to keep their articles concise and precise to enhance the effectiveness of their posts. The word limit should ideally range from 1000 – 1500 words (excluding end-notes).

  • Submissions should not contain advertising or marketing material. Posts summarising (and possibly linking to) alert memos and similar current awareness pieces prepared by law firms and other service providers would not consider advertising/marketing material.

  • Submissions should not contain content that could be considered offensive, abusive, derogatory or potentially defamatory.

  • Authors are encouraged to summarise the substance of their post in a short initial paragraph.

  • The Editors of TCF have absolute discretion in determining whether to accept a submission for publication.

Contributor's Undertaking:

In making a submission to The Competition Forum, the contributor:

  • Warrants that the piece is their original work, and that there is no impediment to its publication on TCF;

  • Consents to the publication of the submitted piece on the TCF website provided that they are fully acknowledged as the author/s;

  • Agrees that the TCF can use and store personal data provided by the author for the purposes of the TCF before and after the publication of the author’s post; this includes that the TCF can publish the author’s name, position, and affiliation next to the blog post and also when cross-posting the TCF publication via our Newsletter, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or similar media; and

  • Consents to purely editorial changes and accept that the editors have discretion in the choice of the blog post title.

Publication Policy:

  • All submissions must be sent in an MS Word document to

  • Contributors should include their full name and affiliation, a link to their online profile page, if available, and a suggested title for their blog post, in their covering email. They are also encouraged to suggest the relevant keywords for their post.

  • TCF conducts a strict editorial review of submissions received and holds absolute discretion in determining whether to accept a submission or not.

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