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Who Are We?

The Competition Forum (TCF) is a student-run and reviewed blog focusing on Competition and Antitrust Laws. We aim at providing information, research, critical and constructive comments, and ideas in the field of competition law and allied areas. We wish to develop a solid database of research and developments in the field of competition laws by accepting quality works from various stakeholders, i.e. practicing lawyers, academicians, economists, students, etc. Inputs from all the above areas of holdings offer a mix of voices and ideas, which results into fresh, and high-quality research, resulting into a platform that caters to the dynamic nature of business environments around the globe.

Why TCF?

The Competition and Antitrust jurisprudence is under development in India, thus is in need of minds and voices that can direct the development of this nascent field of law in a right direction. TCF is the first Indian blog which solely focuses on Competition and Antitrust laws, with an objective to develop the requisite intellect and minds necessary for the development of this realm.

Our Focus?

The blog was founded by the students of the National Law University, Odisha (India) in the year 2019. The focus of the founders is to create a platform that offers quality research and constructive suggestions for improving the existing literature that can cater to the requirements of this dynamic business age.


Our Team:








Kartikey Sanjeev Bhalotia

(Co-Founding Editor)











Neelesh Meena

(Co-Founding Editor)

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